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Tiki Teki Labs, is a comprehensive Web and App Development Agency. Here are some letters of reference from past clients.


Letter from Gordie Morris, Founder/President of the Captain’s Club Hawaii.

Ignacio and his team developed, designed and put together our website and has been instrumental in getting our organization up to speed and into the future. His work was done fast and above what we expected in excellence and matching our needs to manage our portal as well as to communicate our message and to send information to the children we serve. We are proud to give Ignacio a recommendation and even so have asked him to be our CTO, he has designed and app for us and has begun coding it in his free time until the point we can offer him a contract under a grant we are trying to receive. His expertise is an invaluable asset to our organization.


Letter from Kaiu Odom, Founder/Director of  Roots KKV

Ignacio has redesigned our website twice and has done an incredible job. It is not always easy to communicate in the world of technology but Ignacio makes it easy to navigate the needs of our organization and who we are communicating with.

Letter from Robb Shibayama, Founder of RMS

Ignacio has designed and built a software application and app for me that I plan to release in the near future. It has been a long and hard process but I am glad to say that we made it through the patent process. Ignacio’s experience and knowledge make it easy to go from dream to realization. He was able to co-write the patent process and deliver a finished product from concept. We worked and collaborated to create a new and unique data sourcing financial application that we hope will revolutionize how people view their expense habits. I would recommend Ignacio to any institution looking to create something from concept to delivery.

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