Night Shark Entertainment

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Night Shark Entertainment Night Shark Entertainment provides VIP concierge service at clubs, VIP Tickets, Specials on General Admission Tickets as well as information and directions to upcoming events. If you are looking for the hottest clubs, lounges or need a DJ or good live entertainment for a great time, Night Shark Entertainment is for you.So get out hunting for a … Read More

Surfer Buddies App

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A social network for sharing surf reports live from the beach. I designed and built this in collaboration with Ikayzo. After launch sold company and licensed patents to other ventures including surf garage and also sold data to NOAA. Currently in re-engineering of app and data service to incorporate lifeguards, posts, and engineered a buoy to be placed on every … Read More

Stand Up Polo Wars App

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In current development and going through fund seeking for venture capital. Game will feature play designed for iOS, Android and Micrsoft Playbox video game consoles. To be released in 2nd Quarter of 2017. Being developed by team of engineers and designers working under Tiki Teki Labs leadership and Ignacio F.

Shore Guards

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The new version and redo of Surfer Buddies app. To feature live and accurate data from every surf break. Data will feature reports from above water, at water level and underwater. This will provide accurate life saving data for both beach goers, lifeguards and government agencies. Patents are pending and owned by Ignacio Fleishour

Bear Medicine Publishing

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Bear Medicine

Bear Medicine Publishing A website for a non-profit publishing company focused on preserving traditional native folk tales and stories. This web portal has a retail store, a place to communicate with public and  also a place to share stories for potential publication.

Eye Care Share

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Eye Care Share Designed and built for a client optometrist. Currently in growth phase it will become an app and a resource for education on eye symptoms and solutions as well as a place for finding medical assistance nearby.  

Animated Instructional Videos

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Harvest Scout Web

As a full service app, software, website, development enterprise we also proudly offer services in game design, animation and production of instructional videos to go with the websites and apps we develop.

Hawaii Venison

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Hawaii Venison Hawaii Venison is a full service website with retail options, subscription options, communication options as well as a full service shipping, and affiliate payment gateways and management providing the user and owner the ability to manage inventory and all of the business on this portal. An all encompassing beautiful website with many functions.